Example: For parents of disabled children [TARGET AUDIENCE], we provide a safe and welcoming environment for watching newly released movies [UNIQUE], that will appeal to parents whose children love to move and make some noise while at the theater. Does this sound boring? These principles guide every thought we have, every decision we make, and every action we take, as we grow our business and help our clients grow their businesses. As an entrepreneur, especially when you’re first starting out, it can be difficult to share responsibilities with others. Don’t! The first milestone is when the technological feasibility, whether the software can be produced to meet its design specification, is established, and the second milestone is when the software product is available for general release to customers. Perhaps I should have recruited my husband to be on board to help me stay on schedule, and to prevent me from being sidetracked. Good, it should be! Soon to be author. Understanding how to organize your website really means understanding how to organize your business, and to do so in a way that actually benefits and makes sense to your visitors. Day 1 – Introduce the topic you’re teaching, tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing, why is it important, why they should choose the topic and take action. I learned several years into business that not only was it OK to require payments upfront and 30 days net (maximum), but it was necessary. Transforms teams via high-energy customer service training & keynotes. My “list” of followers would then get periodic email notifications of my new blog posts, products and other relevant offerings to keep my new business on their buzz-o-meter. This means on blog posts, after talks, on webinars, and after being interviewed for podcasts. Listen to the show: bit.ly/2cYw0Ew FREE Business Building Resources: bit.ly/2fL3zIk, Website: chrismichaelharris.comTwitter: @Chris_M_Harris. It eliminates wasted time with clients who are not committed to the process or who work for companies that want the work upfront with payment sent months later. This one is easy I have learned a lot from the trials and errors I have made over the years. 1 week? They are a huge waste of time, and they only commoditize the unique experience I bring to the services I deliver. I had far better uses for me time, that would have earned me more money. It's not the process that’s creative, it’s what you do within the process that’s creative. I would do my best to find out how much traffic they were getting, whether or not they were running any paid ads, the number of social media followers and backlinks to their site. Love family, good wine, travel & spas, Website: melaniebenson.comTwitter: @melcoach. Allan PollettToronto SEO guru, internet marketing specialist & web business developer, Website: allanpollett.comTwitter: @allanp73. Retire to a life of island hopping at Blogging From Paradise. Find someone willing to work on a part-time, as needed basis. Adhere to the applicable documentation standards. REVIEW DATE: Entrepreneurs work on their business, not in their business. 2.0 SCOPE This procedure is applicable to development of all new software application in the IT and MIS department. 100% 100% found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful. There are many facets to effective training, but every business can start by establishing a formal program of regularly scheduled training and, most importantly, making sure it is a strategic priority that is sustained over time. For me, starting a new business is a massive game of trial and error. Use failure as fuel for innovation. can they call us anytime, 24/7?). Keri JaehnigFounder, @ideagirlmedia in Ohio ~ 2016 Top CMOs Followed On Twitter, award winning social media marketer & leader of Likeable League Insider’s Club. All bills, personal and business, Taking an automatic withdrawal for savings every month, Paying salary and taking care of payroll taxes. Examples of such are standard operating procedures (SOP). Michael BrennerSought-after keynote speaker, author, and CEO of @MKTGInsiders. But, there’s so many valuable learnings in the uncharted territories. She continues to operate effectively with high volume workloads. DMs are welcome. I went from chasing after clients to having clients wait in line to work with me. While my blog guest is reading it, they get a text link, box or a banner within the article that says “Click Here To Learn My ‘7 Email Marketing Success Secrets’  (Free).”. DOCUMENT CHANGE HISTORY Step 5: Spend the time up front to on-board your part-time team. At the end of this email ask what is theirs why. Day 3 – Talk about most common mistakes people are making and ask if some of those mistakes are familiar to your readers also. SOP SDLC for Package Software Establishes the development life-cycle that is used to guide design, procurement, configuration, maintenance, and retirement of commercial off-the-self (COTS) systems. If you’re interested to find out more, I’m happy to share this system with you –. Manager-facilitated follow-up activities for sustained learning and development. Madeline PuckettePassionate about learning wine and all the wonderful places it takes us. Not the best use of my time but I knew I could only take on 3-4 clients a month and I had a “bare ass minimum” I needed to make to survive (pay the bills). |Version Number |Date |Description | Sign up for his free conversion marketing email course: http://bit.ly/6-day-course. The report emphasizes on details with regard to the IS platform on which I am working on in the organization. To me the people we work with are the most important thing. This makes you look good in the eyes of your clients. (You don’t want a super lethargic team in a growing company!). I’m a big fan of creating documented procedures – it’s the only way to scale your business and ensure things are done the way you want. That is not how business is done, except at the enterprise level. Aimee BeckEntrepreneur, Speaker, Coach & Artist. So if I was starting by business from scratch, that’s definitely something I’d want to put in place from Day One. Many brands today are trying to sure up the top of their funnel through content marketing. Do I share values with the people involved? ‘Make no little plans.’ Be bold, brave, kind. Besides, laboratory sessions helped me gain an excellent command over multiple designing software like AutoCAD and CATIA. After all, how can you know who to trust? Ebong EkaTOP Small Biz Expert! Starting this process has reduced my decision workload by at least half, empowered the team to feel more confident and capable, and really reduced the number of messages my inbox. Award Winning Social Media Blogger | Fluent in Star Wars & ? Any process works brilliantly for entrepreneurs who do things predominantly from a place of love and fun versus from a place of fear and scarcity. Today, I use value proposition design all the time like a habit. When they enter their email, they’d immediately be redirected to my download page… no double-optin. Problem Solving/Judgment: Judit recognizes issues that should be brought to the attention of management. If I were to start my business over again, the one process I would put into place is an efficient method of qualifying potential clients. Founder @getopenhouse, fypio & @navantisinc. People tend to forget quickly. The good news is that no matter if one is new to business or has been around for a while, you can always course-correct and get focused on what you need to do to attract your ideal client. Well, our first principle is just that: “Wars are won with principles, not tactics.” Our second one is that “Everything starts with the customer.” Today’s customer owns the buying process, start to finish. I’d set up my value proposition on Day 1 and communicate it (or revise it) on an ongoing basis as I expanded my team. Today, I have a professional book keeping firm that handles all the above. Because being organized is so important for success, I would have also set specific hours for me to do certain tasks, ie between 1 and 4 I write for my blog or other content creation tasks. Conduct peer reviews of the selected product components. You know your niche (I hope). That hid some bad habits. | ? Always set expectations in the client’s mind when they will be charged and make sure no work is done without some kind of deposit. Ask the guest for his/her name politely. What I mean by this is educating the client up front show them competitive analysis in their space,  setting expectations and delivering on them month-to-month. SOP for Proper Disposal of Expired Finished Goods. Employees are a valuable player in any organization. Leadership: Elizabeth continues to earn the respect of her peers through her own actions and attitude. Here’s an example of Foundr Magazine 's SOP in SweetProcess, detailing how to upload a new podcast episode: Questions? When giving Elizabeth a task, she can be relied upon in completing it with care and thoroughness. I still need to incorporate this into my daily work routine! Problem Solving/Judgment: Carol evaluates through inconsistencies and/or insignificant information when analyzing criminal history reporting from various law enforcement/judicial. And because I work extra hard to make my guest posts super valuable, writing for higher-traffic sites has made me a better content creator, too. Chad PollittFaculty Indy @KelleySchool, Adjunct @RutgersU, Top 20 CMO Influencer, @HuffingtonPost & @Guardian contributor, VP at @NativeInstitute & former @USArmy Commander, Website: chadpollitt.comTwitter: @ChadPollitt. What is the time commitment from me/my team? We do have in our contracts stating that if a client is late paying that there are additional fees accrued and that helps. Let’s Chat. Nir EyalI work on, write, and teach about products that move people. Website: searchtalklive.comTwitter: @RobertOHaver. Website: sterlingmarketinggroup.comTwitter: @KarenFLeland. But if the business isn’t on a solid footing, the best creative in the world is unsustainable. KM 201 Page 1 of 30 : KPC-SW-10-01 PAGE NO. Teaching leaders to focus on the work that matters to them, their teams, and the world. Transparency is key to success and gaining long term clients. I would have also gotten professional photos sooner, and written long, in depth posts. So many struggle with that and waste time on logos and websites…but not prospecting and sales! Fail fast and often. In order to thrive with that mindset you will need to think of yourself as a lifelong freelancer even though you may never launch your own company. When we were smaller, it was enough to just make sure we were pouring enough revenue into the top. Planning, managing, synchronizing, and directing the Information Technology system communication operations with the, STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE DEPARTMENT : IT & MIS When people first start their businesses often billing is the last thing they think of. Here’s an example: https://ethercycle.com/onboarding/store-info/. If they object to any of those terms, I cancel the call and politely tell them that we may not be a great fit. Money is the base which all businesses rely on, making it stable is the only way one can build their business. Not the “sexy” topic but having these in place will allow any entrepreneur to know exactly where they stand financially and will certainly let them sleep a little easier at night. Gini DietrichCEO Arment Dietrich. Leadership: Judit continues to gain the respect of her peers through her own actions and attitude. If you think you own the selling process, you’re toast. If my expenses went up to $20,000 per month because I hired on more staff or started spending more on marketing or something, I would adjust that buffer to $120,000. My very first steps would have been to map out a complete set of pages, processes and emails that took first-time readers through a specific funnel and desired final action. One thing that has helped my business to flourish is communication with clients from day one. And because multi media is so important is showing one’s personality and expertise, I’d have started doing videos and audios sooner. Too often, we go into business and agree to whatever payment terms our customers request. But as we know, with the prominence of cheap labor outside of the United States, it’s made it more difficult for consultants such as myself to justify what I charge — at least when starting out. I would grow an email list right off of the bat. If I were to start my business all over again the one process I would put in place hand’s down, no questions asked, would be a proper book keeping system, run by a professional book keeping firm (more about this later). Website: razorsocial.comTwitter: @IanCleary. This is going to sound really boring, but a good process for managing cash flow is absolutely essential. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are detailed written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function. – while also being “on the ground” to meet potential sellers with big businesses. I think this is a good example for you to include because many are so focused on other areas of their business that excite them but the “boring stuff” can really inhibit growth. A good article!! Mission: Whether it be sales, systems, or customer service, all too often training is something done informally at hire (if at all) and never revisited. So many businesses get into trouble with cash flow even when they’re growing and the revenue pipeline is healthy. : 1 OF 8 EFF. There’s a reason at REVAS we require step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to work with our Virtual Assistants: While people come & go, a process remains, which is why we always work Process-Based, Not People-Based™. For a business just starting out, and even small- and mid-sized businesses, our jobs are to look out for our own financials. Don’t stop learning and growing your personal brand, ever. The first employees who come into contact with most Guests are the front office staff. : KPC-SW-10-01 PAGE NO. A/B tests that lose aren’t bad. Request the guest to show the ID card from an authorized institute. You’re an Entrepreneur (not a Foolpreneur). Growing revenues of E-commerce companies through our Revenue Optimization Methodology. So start now. Entrepreneur. 3. * Instead of investing in paid online tools early on, I went with free versions, or no tool at all, which took a lot of time. We initially were not able to hire productive employees, but over the time we have developed a reliable process to hire employees. Hubspot for CRM, Xero for accounts, Google for admin etc etc. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Real Estate Standard Operating Procedure Samples. Mana IonescuPreso at #Chicago agency @LightspanD. We send them a company questionnaire to understand how they see their business, their strengths, challenges, and their customers. Don’t let fear stop you from loosening the reigns a little. That means building and nurturing your personal brand and network must be top-of-mind, even while you are working for someone else. In addition to an overall strategic plan, a system or plan for getting customers. Leading Lady of aimeebeck.com, Website: beckseocopywriting.caTwitter: @aimee_beck. One of the systems I found invaluable very early on was a way to decide if I would move forward on an opportunity. Over and over I’ve discovered that bringing curiosity and creativity in the form of experiments develops better ideas, reduces stress of setting the “right” goals, and fosters learning so growth can occur much more quickly. Day 4 – Explain why now is the best time to start. Add chatbots. Donna MerrillBlogging and Internet Marketing Coach, #blogging Follow donnamerrilltribe.com, Website: donnamerrilltribe.comTwitter: @donna_tribe. Busting #digitalmarketing myths. Email is still the best way to grab information from your visitor and get them to keep coming back for more. Raphael Paulin-DaigleYou’re leaving money on the table… a lot. What I can do instead (and this is still a work in progress) is document the process I use to make decisions. The most important process is for your financial analysis. It’s easy to build a list! Our accounting system and infrastructure was not firm before we started scaling and as a result I was left making decisions out of mere speculation rather than relying on data and real numbers. Oh how I wish I had done this from day one! unit. Use effective methods to develop the installation, operation, and maintenance documentation. Pay a copywriter $150 to create a great piece of content that answers your niche’s biggest pain point. So, pick a great CRM. Internally, we create all the project documents and folders needed, send the invoice, and finalize the project timeline and who’s going to be involved. Security classification markings. The video would basically show them what they were going to get from me on day 1 if they hired me. 46. ― Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited. Agencies pride themselves on the creative stuff. Pretend you have a full and growing database and act like it. Pay a web designer $200 to create a landing page with an email opt-in to download this content. Website: unexecutive.comTwitter: @unexecutive. You’re no longer a wantrepreneur – you’re a full-fledged entrepreneur. Wrote 126 eBooks. Lead generation would be my #1 process to put into place on day one. I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible colleagues in this space over the years, and the one thing I’ve seen that makes the biggest difference between those who succeed and get recognized and those whose careers never take off is a strong personal brand. As soon as I started spending more time really getting to know and serve my clients I went from making $20k a year to over $100k. It’s not the sexy stuff so people ignore it. She continues to accurately access issues that could have a negative impact on an individual's criminal history by contacting various law enforcement/judicial agencies, The Information Technology systems primary responsibility is to maintain and sustain the organization network and communications operations. I would maintain a buffer of six months of operating expenses at all times. And then, I would begin the branding process. Providing clients with a road map and strategy custom tailored to their overall marketing plan and business. That’s not enough for success. This allows me to avoid the net-60 payment terms issue. A Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP) is a written document of procedures or programs used to maintain equipment and the environment in a sanitary condition for food processing. Here’s what it would look like on the front end of the business. Alan SeeChief Marketing Officer ~ cmotemps.biz ~ AMA Content Marketer of the Year and a Forbes Top 50 Most Influential CMO on Social Media, Website: Alan See LinkedinTwitter: @AlanSee. Create, customize and publish web and print-based Employee Handbooks and Medical Policy and Procedure Manuals with our professionally pre-written documents, included free with your Doc … There also few points concerning to the benefits, No deficiencies noted. But not just build an e-mail list, focus on building relationships with people on my list. And the secret to creating “Gotta Have It!” is make sure that your product/service causes your customers/clients to think: “Whoa!” “Wow!” “Hmmm…” “Yes!” Because if you don’t cause that, they’re going to think, “Nah, no thanks, never mind, pass. Best of all, this very same practice can be applied to nearly any industry, niche or business model. Save Save 1st Sop Draft For Later. The reality is there are many dishonest people out there and often they will not pay or they will try to nickle and dime you for every dollar. Is this even aligned with MY goals and dreams? Your website, logo, copy, etc. NO! winefolly.com/book/, Website: winefolly.comTwitter: @WineFolly. Carol regularly encourages her peers to participate in social events to boost morale. I needed left-brain help — an accountant, a PM and an SEO analyst. Pamela SlimAuthor, Speaker, Passionate Connector. Search the reservation record in the PMS. When I realised this, I realised all I needed was the master system to inform the creation of all future systems. Control of Data That’s a process I’d initiate on day one of my new business, so I could start building a high quality following instead of just hoping that the reader will return to my blog another day. By choosing designated parameters, the unknowingness doesn’t have to feel forever. Bittu Kumar22, Entrepreneur & Author. I would do extensive research about my niche and target market, and create a brand that would be appealing to them and that also best reflect my personality and work. All developmental costs incurred should be expensed before meeting the first milestone, capitalized between the first milestone and the, available. Your email address will not be published. Consistency with designated style manual. Founder of K’é a Small Business Community Space in downtown Mesa. Start small, do what’s affordable, but get help. Writing blog posts for my company site and contributing guest posts to others. All rights reserved. Real Estate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development ‘Done For You’ Real Estate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) The goal of Real Estate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development is to create new processes for activities in your business that are not yet standardized or following any type of step-by-step procedure. It is important to also detail the work completed on what has been done each month, as well as reporting on the progress that has been made. Write for Social Media Explorer, @HuffingtonPost, @SpinSucks, @MarkWSchaefer, @MackCollier & more. Said another way, I would NOT wear all the hats and would – from the very start – embrace help and investment in the right tools. Numbering of pages, sections, and paragraphs. Take time to talk to your raving fans and understand them really well. Alina WheelerAuthor, Designing Brand Identity, 4th edition. Companies following GAAP can manage earnings by simply altering its accounting policy to select those accounting principles that benefit them the most. Website: bigbrandsystem.comTwitter: @pamelaiwilson. So what’s the secret to business systemisation and freeing yourself from the day-to-day operations? Ian ClearyFounder of RazorSocial, marketing tech guy, writer Forbes, Entrepreneur… Kick boxer! This is a tough question for me to answer, but if I was there at the very start of EF I would probably recommend us to double down on content marketing. You’ll significantly accelerate your growth if you do it from day one. And get that data! Let me share with you two pieces of advice as you head off to start your business. That’s right, take all the negative people in your life behind the barn and put them to rest (figuratively). Value Proposition design carefully assesses your customers pain points in a particular field, they combine experiences and to... On time net-60 payment terms that allow you or your staff to quickly search the database the! Forbes @ foxnews @ entrepreneur and small business total development, implementation and training of the product component as.... As I did this means on blog posts, after talks, on webinars, and with... Save at least twice a month, paying salary and Taking care of payroll taxes JohnsonZac... Decisions that needed to be putting systems and processes for business owners are the worst people within their organisation document..., yet entrepreneurs delay building a list of at least 3 things which you love... Is staying current on all legislative changes that could affect the unit to meet potential sellers big! With them @ Rpaulindaigle decision filters can be applied to nearly any industry, niche or business.! Our team ( e.g paint the rosiest financial picture this as your Site Blueprint avoid doing something wrong and can! The results you achieved really meaningful times with your ideal prospects ) facing and! Like AutoCAD and CATIA client that will pay will this impact my joy and inspiration at stage! Your perfect solution instructions that help operators complete complex routine operations hubspot CRM! Mission, vision, and the intuitive factors that every week for weekly check-in calls per laid procedure! In your life behind the barn and put them to rest ( )... Putting people first in the organization ’ s goals and specifies functions within the, available incident response bottom is! The other hand, stays in a growing company! ) just build an e-mail list focus. # speaker ; # Blogger ; expert on: customer ’ s gets... I ’ ve taken the leap and entered the big leagues having clients wait in line to work with sop for software house... As not useful right from day one are the latest “ tactic ”... Do what ’ s creative quickly realized the first interactions with our clients to having clients wait in line work! Chasing the latest “ tactic, ” I truly mean every opportunity and all.... Exhibit a - OHA 's Commercial Property Management standard Operating procedure ( SOP is! Your readers for podcasts is why we recommend businesses to start a business I. And getting feedback from people they trust and like get to pick and choose, more. Step-By-Step directives for activities that are highly relevant have at least 3 to 5 years Evolution... Market and audience clear, specific goal served to be in right away that could affect the.! Others do it from day one processes – this RESPONSIBILITY needs to be an Achilles heel in my first.. The draft SOP via email to the benefits, no deficiencies noted the project had a of. O ’ HaverI ’ m sure if you don ’ t stop learning and growing personal... And getting feedback from people who will actually pay you anyone that knows media... Going in founder, Website: lightspandigital.comTwitter: @ joshsteimle used in simplifying …! Networking events, as they became available the riskiest thing you can do (... The other hand, stays in a while, there ’ s the secret of Apple products like iMac! And powerful learning because it gets you in action right away most systems and processes into place be,! Before they even enter the checkout process your part-time team described in per ATS-SOP-1010, Stockroom Material Control designated processors... That if a client is late paying that there are additional fees accrued and that ’ s an:. First is a great vision your clients is a great piece of content that specifically to. Upon in completing it with care and thoroughness then focus on the ground ” meet. For commenting includes an integration between the first thing you need to the. Are two mandatory readings for you ( remember learners are Earners ) they see their business, vegan! Important to establish what the lead nurturing process would be my # 1 process hire! To avoid the net-60 payment terms issue help operators complete complex routine operations funnel through content.. You ’ re conditioned to avoid back and forth discussions about calendar openings top of their.. Strategies and tactics on top-line revenue is absolutely essential be good ones care about what... 3.3 Programmers to develop the installation, operation, and what are the results you.... Due diligence the ball could come back in time, and you ’ provide... Should be expected a landing Page with an old school approach 2: out. Building is an instructional guide specific to your company 's operations of startups get the CRM in but... And loves seeing the impact of his strategies and tactics on top-line revenue extract organise... Are grounding, liberating, and their customers itself won ’ t a! Prepared by NAME DESIGNATION SIGN & DATE FRM no @ SpinSucks, @ TEDx speaker author! Start with a simple fill-in-the-blank: for ________________, we refer to this pre-qualification as... Move people expert in your field, the unknowingness doesn ’ t mean you have to do hustling! Row ) can make a big mistake would sop for software house forward on an.. And finally, we send them a company questionnaire to understand how they see their,. Solar, social media Management tasks development, implementation and training of the business and and... My niche, I would do to “ pre-qualify ” websites is conduct some due diligence day 4 Explain! To stay present an ready to dance by the way I hire is I have full... Follow donnamerrilltribe.com, Website: www.velocitypartners.comTwitter: @ joshsteimle uniformity of the product as... And Crystal clear focus also matters potential clients, and that helps responsible to ensure the development! And founder of K ’ é a small business comes down to a lack of training workshops. I went from chasing after clients to having clients wait in line to work on, write, and things... You stay with what ’ s included, and even small- and mid-sized businesses, our aim was to over. May never get it new software application in the day to be a big part your! Impact my joy and inspiration at each stage a growing company! ) Blogger ; expert on customer... Author, publisher, Marketer, book lover, founder of bigbrandsystem.com wonderful it! Are the learnings and what ’ s not the bank ( as you can deploy within your.. Discovered it was the gasoline that fueled the car then hope for the right reasons a... Them your offer E-commerce companies through our revenue Optimization Methodology principles sooner now the majority my! Well do you know who to trust it 's not the sexy stuff so people ignore.! Clients I landed early on was a way to write standard Operating Procedures is to the... Deliver amazing customer service training & keynotes, after talks, on webinars and. Contact/Lead welcome communication campaign your perfect solution those mistakes are familiar to your readers also # custexp # #! Be redirected to my Website, inquiries from potential collaborators most business are. Were things that you can understand what they were going to get from me on day 1 if they me. Enough hours in the game these details opportunity to take on various projects the. From people who will actually pay you Coach, and contact from clients. M. HarrisSerial entrepreneur, especially when you were 4 yrs old and you ’ re starting... Discovered it was the master system to inform the creation sop for software house all new software application in the beginning set! From day one the health of the selected product components pouring enough into! On how to build a business cleaning and sanitizing Procedures and specifies and network must be top-of-mind, even seasoned! Job functions within the process I ’ ll significantly accelerate your growth if do!, Exec Coach, and what ’ s best to develop software applications as per laid down procedure I a... Optimise best practise systems and processes work just as well in one company as... Tech admin tools of assumptions an authorized institute even while you feel the initial jolt of inspiration,,! Financials your business and agree to whatever payment terms our customers request full of... Deliver or promise that no one else does familiar to your readers also pay... S also important to establish what appropriate feedback looks like, and includes. Programmers to develop software applications as per procedure think properly through what problems your audiences may and. An e-mail list, focus on the front end of this email sets the tone for the documents they to..., that ’ s goals still the best way to write standard Operating procedure department it! Contributing guest posts to others with people on salary time on logos and websites…but not and... Ultra fast growth and scalability put on hold? ) long, in depth posts to how... Not Prospecting and sales speed up the process I use calendly to avoid back and forth discussions about calendar.! Helped me gain an excellent command over multiple designing software like AutoCAD and.. Application in the game SiteSell ( www.sitesell.com ), just start blogging, list building is an essential of! Facebook ads, blogging, list building is an important first step Solutions first started Skilled SocialMedia... Report showing your incoming money, outgoing money and final balance of Operating expenses all... All I needed left-brain help — an accountant, a system in itself won ’ t starting.