Beyond the gate you can see several skeletons, some of which are magic users standing around a huge room. The first terrace is devoid of anything of interest. Find a way out of Labyrinthian 9. You may not be able to interact with one of the gold ore veins. Similar to the Champion's preparation with the Fortress of Ice, the Champion should buy better armor and weapons if possible. In addition, the dragon doesn't fit through the gate, so if you have entered, you can retreat back through it to take cover. Second Staff of Chaos pieceMain quest progressJagar Tharn's attention The second was Mogrus the Dim, Following the path down the next walkway, as you approach the walkway with the arch over it, you hear Morokei's voice again. This section contains bugs related to Labyrinthian (Skyrim). Immediately on your right, behind some vegetation in shallow water are a total of four pieces of malachite ore. You may need to push them up out of the water in order to pick them up. The word wall that teaches you a word from the Slow Time dragon shout is in front of the throne and a leveled draugr is sitting in it. Unlike many of the other puzzles encountered thus far, Mogrus' puzzle only has one answer: As Mogrus said, if the Champion fails, Mogrus will burst from his cage and try to kill the Champion for failing the question. Be careful as there are several draugr in this area and any fighting can alert several to converge on you. She's harder to be than any dragon I've fought yet. Those being Trolls, more Ghouls and Iron Golems, Ghosts, along with other random creatures that may spawn. Follow this to the bottom of stairs and a path leading up with several switchback turns until you reach the entrance through the outer wall. It requires you to have the Torc of Labyrinthian. videogame_asset Skyrim Special Edition. Retrieve the Staff of Magnus 5. The final one is on the left near the start of the room. On the far side of the bridge, on the left, is a stone bowl containing a deer hide and a piece of gold ore. On the left by the bridge is a leveled potion of enhanced stamina and a leveled potion of the berserker. There are two Namira's rot mushroom and a burial urn in the corner with the path continuing to the north. Labyrinthian has a second exit named Labyrinthian, Tribune located to the southeast, but a bolted door early on prevents using this as another entrance. - Kanen's hourglass riddle is used again during the quest ", A redrawn version of the Labyrinthian's exterior is used as the background on the official. Dead men eat it all the time, [Help] I'm stuck in the labyrinthian So I just defeated the spectral deathlord inside of the labyrinthian, and then when I reach the hall right after that there is a door. Follow the path that will take you down to the level below the floor floor trap, then through the door into the door into the Labyrinthian Tribune. This starts with another room with twin stairways proceeding down, however the left-hand stairway has suffered a cave-in. As soon as you enter and engage the skeletons, a skeletal dragon will rise from a mound in the middle of the room and join the fight. Don't forget to mine the ore veins (see bugs). There is also a spectral warhound roaming the area and several nightshades and blisterwort fungi growing around the room. Cursed to its lengths, from beginning to end. At the far end there is a waterfall, falling into a pool. You then appear inside the ruin in a large room with several dead skeletons laying about the room all facing towards the exit, they can be looted for bone meal or a few coins each. Answer? The room contains a table with an arcane enchanter built into it with a chair drawn up in front with the skeleton of a novice conjurer that was obviously killed where he sat in the chair. As you descend the right-hand stairway you will hear the voice of Morokei, which will drain your magicka every time you hear him, and a frost spirit will spawn from a door with frost and ice around it. There are three blisterwort fungi and three nightshade plants growing along it. I'm level 13 and the one in Labyrinthian Thoroughfare is totally kicking my butt. - Coming from the south you must travel north between Hamvir's Rest and Silent Moons Camp into a valley which ends at the ruin. On the other table there is a silver sapphire necklace on a plate. Through the door, you enter a cave-like area with a path leading down to a stream flowing north to south, and to the right there is a ledge leading up to a dead Argonian with an ancient Nord greatsword sticking out of them, an unlocked chest and small coin purse beside them. Reward When approached, the Champion will make note of another carving: Mogrus the Dim, though he's a bore, At the rear of the room is an alcove with a plinth holding a spell tome: Flames. - 1. Among the rubble is an urn and two burial urns. On the left of the coffins there is an unlocked chest. It seemed like a challenging dungeon and I always saved it for later. This page was last modified on 28 July 2020, at 04:14. Entering this door will only give access to the final room. On your immediate right, standing in an alcove, is a slumbering draugr. The approach from Hjaalmarch is found by traveling from Morthal towards Stonehills mine, as you travel, shortly before reaching some rubble on the left-hand side of the road there is a turn off to the right (south). This spell will be random depending on your level and perks. 1 Acquisition 2 Quests 3 Trivia 4 Appearances After the death of Arch-Mage Savos Aren, Mirabelle Ervine gives the Dragonborn the item. Shortly before his death, Aren gave the Torc to Mirabelle, saying that she would know what to do with the item when the time came. In an alcove to the right of the table is an alchemy lab with two bowls fire salts, a bowl of ectoplasm, a bowl of bone meal, a deathbell and a giant lichen sample in boxes on the floor either side of it. My shout damages her but not by very much. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released in 2011 and hasn’t left the minds of gamers since. There is an open door to the west that leads down a flight of stairs and into another room. Eventually the players will reach the segment where they must battle special bosses (i.e. From the top of the first flight of stairs you will see various levels around the ruins with stairs up and down. 1.0m members in the skyrim community. The same is with the other side of the dungeon. Return to Tolfdir According to this article on the UESP, you need to defeat the two Ghost Thralls before you can fight Morokei.However, as you have said, after defeating them, Morokei will not fight back. the trap door you come out from? There are a couple of White Cap fungi along this tunnel. From outside the tower, to the northwest is an arch through the northern outer wall. Community content is available under. I ask this becuase originally my mage character, the first one Rothion was lvl 5 when doing the Mzfutl quest Revealing the Unseen I believe and was getting his major toosh wooped. It is recommended that the Champion, if they have not received a dream bridge yet from Tharn, prepare for an ambush at the entrance to the Labyrinthian. This one is fairly easy to get to but it can be dangerous for a low level character to explore. Quest Giver ". The path enters a corridor, at the corner is a damaged sarcophagus with an ancient Nord helmet and sword laying inside. You will need to move around these to the left. Behind the stairs is a skeleton that can be looted, in front of the unlocked chest seen from above. Next Quest When finished preparing, the Champion should traverse to the Labyrinthian. "Door 2" leads to the Domain of Kanen, with the Sapphire Key, and not Mogrus with the Diamond Key. A short way further along there are stairs leading back down to the lower area with the stone huts. I have all … The walkway also continues down from here. To the west is a closed wooden door. Defeat the Dragon Priest 4. Here Lie the Hallowed Dead of Bromjunaar Two bodies have I, North of the empty cart are stairs down to a lower area. After approaching the third door, they will encounter a final puzzle: Here lies the final portal, the doorway to life... It breathes frost, so be prepared. There are several hanging mosses growing in this room. The exit comes out near the second of the two large arches on the approach from Whiterun Hold. The two domains on the second floor, including the first floor, make up a very large and confusing dungeon, hence Labyrinthian being a labyrinth. Situated in a mountain pass between Hjaalmarch and Whiterun Hold, Labyrinthian is the ruins of an ancient Nord city. Further ahead, the Champion will enter a hallway with a locked door at the end. Along the path is the third of the frost trolls beside a building that contains an urn. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Labyrinthian - What level were you at? Again there is a path on your right, following this it ends at a broken walkway with a path below you on the right and a doorway below you ahead. At the bottom of the stairs up to Labyrinthian is an empty cart, with a path between two flights of stairs that lead to nothing of interest to the east of this. Climbing the wooden stairs to the top level you find an unlocked chest and a stone bowl that contains a piece of malachite ore. Return to the bottom of the wooden ramp and follow the earthen ramp down to a flooded section. It is southeast of Morthal and north of Hamvir's Rest. You enter another cave with another troll, that has quite a bit of vegetation, blood and bones around it. You will need to backtrack to the chasm to continue onward. On the table is a random filled soul gem, a copy of Immortal Blood, a copy of the spell tome Equilibrium and two bowls of bone meal. The exterior is patrolled by up to four frost trolls. Around the room are three large urns and near the east wall is a stone table with stone benches surrounding it. The Domain of Kanen. One of the shelves has been knocked over and contains nothing of interest. West of the lower area has several empty stone huts with different levels of snow drifts in them. Claim the second piece of the Staff of Chaos. There is a low ledge behind the pillars on both sides with a bowl of glow dust, a sample of nightshade, three ebony ingots, a salt pile and two bowls of bone meal on them. The Champion should proceed to the adjacent door, and enter the one where the Champion makes a note about the markings being "Door 1." There is also a random potion on the ground near an enchanted ancient Nord weapon and the Ancient Helmet of the Unburned. This door leads to Labyrinthian Tribune. Following the successful deciphering of the Elder Scrolls in the Winterhold Mages Guild, the Eternal Champion is given the location of the legendary Labyrinthian. There is a flight of wooden stairs leading up again with an unlocked chest and burial urn underneath. 1. r/skyrim. Take the path down to the stream. When approaching the next door, the Champion makes note of another carving: Kanen the wise, holds more to be seen, The Labyrinthian's main hold of difficulty comes from its confusing passageways from the main floor, and the Domains of Mogrus the Dim and Kanen the Elder. This reacts similar to the frost door found earlier, producing a fire Spirit and hearing Morokei's voice. At the top of the stairs there is an arch with an unlocked chest underneath, next to a cave-in. cannot get through, In the northwestern corner is a doorway into a corridor that has a bleeding crown mushroom growing in a stone bowl to the south and an iron door to the north. As you pass through the door, you will hear Morokei's voice again and see a large chasm with a walkway passing across it below you and a draugr standing on it. At the end of the path there is an area to the left of the wide stairs, if you walk to back, underneath a bridge joining the outer wall to a raised section above you there is an unlocked chest. Savos bound the last two of his surviving friends as ethereal thralls, forever bound in indentured servitude, to hold a magical barrier around Morokei—preventing him from accumulating power and using the Staff of Magnus for wrongdoing. The first was Kanen the Elder, who failed the secret of life. There is blood over the enchanter and floor. There are quite a few nightshade plants along these walkways. It is recommended for the Champion to continue buying Potions of Healing/Potions of Heal True, depending on their money situation, and to include a few Potions of Fire Resist as well, as there are Hell Hounds and lava tunnels. The main flight of stairs lead up to the "Ceremonial Door", which is the main entrance to the interior of Labyrinthian. ... learning and developing new skills as a game dev for the last couple of years even though I'm more a programmer than a level designer I hope you all will enjoy this new mod when it comes. The path turns to the west, then south and meets up with the broken walkway found the other route. Skill level-ups can also be acquired instantly from training or by reading skill books. Upon activating the ceremonial door, the Torc of Labyrinthian is removed from your inventory and becomes a knocker on the door. As you descend the first walkway there is a second draugr at the end of the walkway standing by a doorway leading to the south. And many in these twisted halls would stand, Behind the door is a room containing a draugr who will normally hear you destroying the rune and come to investigate. From the bottom of the first flight of stairs you can either climb stairs on the left to a raised area with three burial urns on, or continue along the main path. There is also a tunnel heading east with a skeleton standing guard part way along it. At the bottom of the stairs there is a doorway that leads into a room. The Champion should make their way back to the first floor now, and use the key to enter the first part of the uppermost chamber. Once you have dealt with him there is an unlocked chest behind the table on the left along with a couple of barrels, one of which contains ingredients. You can thus eliminate the skeletons and even the dragon before going into the room. There are a couple of iron weapons among the skeletons and also a banded iron shield. ". On your right are stairs up to a circular room with the remains of a skeleton, a knapsack by the wall on the right and a ladder exit from Labyrinthian opposite. Looking from the top step, down to the west you will see two skeletons standing guard and two gold ore veins on the ground. Before this there is a path to the north that passes through a closed gate into a room with the start of a spiral staircase leading down, however it is blocked after a couple of feet with a White Cap fungus and nothing else. On your left are a burial urn and urn. Level up in destruction and you'll find killing trolls as easy as mud crabs. There are a row of coffins on shelves along the back, some of which may contain a few septims or bone meal. (Day), (Day) of (Month), in the year (Era) (Year), (The date in-game is dynamic, and changes depending on the day and month.).